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Tonight Simon and I went to see Motorhead at the Royal Festival Hall. The support was a band called Selfish Cunt, who I'd vaguely heard of but didn't know anything about. Three black clad blokes walked on stage, plugged in their guitars and started tuning up. When they started playing a bizarre creature minced and skipped his way onto the stage, part ninja and part ballet dancer. He was wearing a red Seventies style football top, baggy blue trousers with the bottoms rolled up, braces, and dark socks. No shoes. He pranced around the stage, occasionally grabbing his crotch and yelping as much as singing. That makes him sound awful but actually he was totally brilliant. He took the tshirt off about halfway through and chucked it into the audience. He pirouetted, writhed on the floor and stalked the stage. He was astonishingly graceful.

The sound was a bit muddy, which really surprised me given where we were, so the music itself didn't stand out much - generic post punk hard rock really. I've found their myspace site and they're actually pretty good, the vocals are less high pitched too. They didn't sound much like the review I've found either, so I'm a bit non-plussed, to the extent that it took a lot of digging around before I could even be sure it was Selfish Cunt we saw.

I think I'd like to see them again, I'm not sure we saw them at their best. Between their myspace site, the couple of tracks that are on Emusic and the Guardian review - ("Their sound colonises an unsettling area midway between the hammering drum machine and guitar of controversial 80s trio Big Black and the murky noise of early Throbbing Gristle.") I'm really pretty keen to hear more.

I wouldn't bother seeing Motorhead again. They were ok, but I was hoping for more. It probably didn't help that we had balcony seats (although they were front row) and I was wearing ear plugs having been warned about their loudness, so I felt a bit distanced. We'd have been better off in crap seats downstairs, everyone went to the front anyway. They played "Killed by Death", "Overkill" and "Ace of Spades" (of course), absolutely murdered "Rosalie" in a tribute to Phil Lynott, but did a cracking semi-acoustic blues number as a tribute to Muddy Waters. Simon really enjoyed it so I'll try to persuade him to post about it.

(I don't normally believe in using asterisks in words but I know that word is a particularly controversial one so I'll not put it on your friends list without a cut tag. I have not used asterisks under the cut.)
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