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2008-03-30 05:10 pm
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In the garden

Yesterday my mum and I went in search of the garden centres that my workmate had told me about. The first one we came across was Northfields Nurseries and it was so amazing that we didn't bother looking for any others. The area dedicated to outdoor pots alone took up the same area as my local B&Q. There were rows of glasshouses, lots of outdoor plants and a small warehouse full of tools, seeds and lighter pots that would blow away outside without earth in them. I came away a hundred quid poorer but I bought some beautiful plants and containers - one large metal square one and two chunky square ceramics, one green and one black. I got a sambuca nigra Black Lace, a Japanese maple/red acer, a jasmine polyanthum, a lavender, a rosemary, a tarragon, a convolvulus, a white/green euonymus, a tray of huge pansies and some small bright flowered plants that I was going to make a window box from but might end up in the back yet.

Yesterday we tore out the old lavender which wasn't flowering much any more, and my mum had already got rid of the two potted conifers for me during the week. Today Simon came over and helped us move the original yellow/green euonymus to the back corner, we moved the lilac tree to behind the gazebo and did lots of potting and repotting. It looks *gorgeous*. I just need to get rid of the gazebo and buy a nice garden bench instead and my garden will be more or less the way I want it.

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