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I have a sneaking suspicion that Simon is the victim of body snatching aliens. A strange race that exists only to clean and tidy. But I'm not complaining.

I put away the Christmas decorations and tidied and hoovered the lounge. Meanwhile "Simon" has completely reorganised and cleaned his kitchen and is now working his way through the flat cleaning walls and radiators and even skirting boards.

I do hope the real Simon is being cared for properly.

I took down the tinsel and fairy lights from the fireplace and tidied it up a bit before putting up the non-Christmas fairy lights that Simon bought in Habitat ages ago now. We had them on the tree briefly but they did this weird flickering thing on the black background so that didn't last long. They still split from purple into red/blue if I look at them at the wrong angle through my glasses, but they're much better against white.

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We went to see the latest Harry Potter film last night, which was very good. I thought Cedric was more prominent in the film than I'd felt he was in the book so the ending had more impact.

At home afterwards we finally watched Constantine, which I picked up on DVD in Sainsbury's the other day for £6. It was ok as long as I kept telling myself it wasn't really Hellblazer, but I wasn't overly impressed.

We were going to see King Kong tonight but I've discovered Iain Banks is on Celebrity Mastermind on BBC1 at 7pm (thanks /mel/) and Ken Stott is Inspector Rebus at 9pm on ITV1, so it'll have to wait. I still have last week's Lost to watch too. Anyway, "Simon" is still on a roll so it would be a shame to stop him cleaning now...


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