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Last night I went to the Water Rats for the first time in February, to see godlike genius Michael Gira doing one of his acoustic sets that have reduced me to jelly twice. Fortunately I've been to the Water Rats before so I had low expectations.

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Apologies to Craig for the cut text quote (from "Blind"). Couldn't resist. ;)
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I wish I'd written this last night. Not only because I want to remember every single detail but also because I slept restlessly reliving the show and writing this in my head. I need to exorcise it because it's just impossible to continue with the mundanity of daily living while it's still in my head.

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Jarboe is now playing the Scala on Monday 7th November, not Sunday.

Tickets are now on sale from the usual places.

(Cross posted to [livejournal.com profile] gigsnthings.)

[livejournal.com profile] naturalbornkaos, I got you a ticket.
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On Saturday I went to see Neurosis with Jarboe. I was a bit disappointed really. I'd downloaded loads of Neurosis stuff from Emusic so I had an idea what to expect, and the CD they recorded together had arrived on Wednesday so I'd had plenty of time to listen to that too. I love the Neurosis/Jarboe CD. Neurosis alone are a bit plodding for me, kind of prog rock for the 21st century, but Jarboe's vocals add a whole new dimension to the work and I was very much looking forward to the gig.

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